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The Islamic Information Documentation and Certification GmbH (IIDC) is an independent and internationally accredited inspection and certification center for halal foods and services. Our certifications are offered throughout Europe and extend to all commodities and services for which halal safety is a must for Muslims.

All of our qualified and dedicated staff members see offering top-quality halal commodities and services through our halal certification as an opportunity to provide a global service to Muslim consumers. With halal certification, we provide the economy with the opportunity to develop new markets around the world. Since problems or uncertainties regarding halal products are always cropping up in Europe, both in production and in consumption, the IIDC decided, after conducting in-depth research and studies, to create transparency in this area for the economy and for Muslims.

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Günther Ahmed Rusznak

A progress report by
Günther Ahmed Rusznak

Founder, President, and CEO of IIDC/IIDZ

Behind the letters and numbers, the registration is in the seven Emirates in UAE, in the seven GCC countries, and in the fifty-seven (57) OIC member countries. But our accreditations and recognitions go far beyond that, it is worldwide, our cooperation partners are found on every continent of the world, we speak their languages and the desire for perfection unites us.

With our Halal certification we enable the worldwide export of European goods to Islamic countries and countries with an Islamic population. We are proud of our many satisfied customers, our qualified employees, our four branches in Austria, Hungary, Germany and France and our most sincere aspiration is to serve business and Muslims around the world.

Officially recognized by

HAK Halal Accreditation Agency
SFDA Saudi Food & Drug Authority
ESMA Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology
UAE United Arab Emirates
CICOT The Central Islamic Council of Thailand
EIAC Emirates International Accreditation Center
MOPH Ministry of Public Health
JAKIM Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

Officially recognized in​​​​​​

07 United Arab Emirates
06 GCC states
56 OIC states

Thanks to these accreditations, including that of the prestigious UAE accreditation center as well as the official approval in Thailand and Malaysia, our customers can export to nearly anywhere in the world with no trouble.