Procedure for suspension, cancelation or reduction of the scope of halal certification

1. Purpose of the instruction
This procedure provides guidelines to be follow in the event of non-compliance or non-conformity with the Halal Certification granted by IIDC, and defines the procedure for Continuation of certification under conditions, suspending or cancelation of the certificates and reducing of the scope of certification. IIDC is responsible for, the decisions relating to the certification, including granting, maintaining, renewing, reducing, suspending and cancelling of certification. 
This document consider as an explanatory part for point No. 9.6 in Halal Certification Manual and Procedure. 

2. Area of application and purpose of the instruction
This statement is valid in the area of contract management / IIDC.

3. Responsibility

4. Terms and abbrevations

5. Description
The non-compliance or non-conformity, may arise for one or more of the following cases: 

  • The customer has failed to meet certification scheme and requirements. 
  • The customer does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies. 
  • The customer has not paid the fees due to IIDC. 
  • The Misuse of reference to certification or IIDC Halal-Logo, ……  etc. 
  • The customer has voluntarily requested a suspension or Cancelation or eduction of the Scope of Certification. 

IIDC in case of non-compliance or non-conformity with certification requirements, shall take the appropriate action, which can include the following four actions:  

1. Continuation of certification under conditions:
Conditions to continue certification may be for instance: 

  • Increased surveillance through new audit or additional analysis. 
  • A deadline to allow the Customer to implement the required corrective actions  

If required conditions are not fulfilled in the given time, IIDC will start the process of suspension or cancelation of certification.   

2. Limiting the scope of certification:
The scope of certification issued to a Customer may need to be reduced in response to changes to a Customers operations and business, or when a client has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements. The part of the scope affected shall be excluded. This implies also to the immediate and final cancellation of the certification for part of the products /service. Any such reduction shall be in line with the requirements for those parts of the scope of certification and shall be also in line with the requirements of the standard used for certification.  
This decision may be due to non-conformity noticed during on-site audit or due to a request from the customer if the customer do not wish to use the certification for one or more of his products/services. In all cases products are removed from the certificate without notice.   

3. Suspension of the Certification:
The certificate applicable to a specific business scope covering product/service may be suspended for a limited period. Suspension may involve also one or more products /service.  (In most cases the suspension would not exceed 6 months). 
To clear such non-conformity customer must provide the necessary elements within the time granted. In all cases, reference to the certification can no longer be made for the products/services concerned by the suspension until the non-conformity is solved.
In case of suspension, IIDC shall assign one or more of its auditors to formulate and communicate with the customer to take all the necessary actions needed to end suspension and restore certification in accordance with the certification scheme, or take any other action may see it is appropriate to deal with such situation.  
Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in time established by IIDC shall result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification. 

4. Cancelation of the certification:
This implies the immediate cancellation of the certification for all customer products/services. Customer can no longer make reference to the certification for any of his products/services. This decision is also accompanied by the termination of the contract with IIDC.  Cancelation of the certification decision shall also taken with customer that in suspension status and has not resolved the cause of non-compliance or non-conformity within the prescribed amount of time, or Certification may be terminated by request from the customer. 

Procedure to be taken by IIDC:  

  • Receive the information from either by customer or auditor regarding the non-compliance or non-conformity, and consider all available evidence, including audit reports, certification reviews, examples of misuse of the reference to certification, ... etc.
  • Issue a letter to the customer for the period without delay from the date of receiving the information about the non-compliance or non-conformity. This letter shall include the reason, the action shall be taken, the deadline by which the customer is advised to have substantially cured the non-compliance or non-conformity. 
  • All records relating to the non-compliance or non-conformity shall kept in the customer’s file. 
  • If the customer has not met the deadline, then IIDC Halal committee issues a decision with the action shall be taken. And IIDC issues a letter to the customer to inform him with this decision and with his right to dispute/appeal against such decision.  
  • The Letter should include a notice that a product/ service without certificate or whose certificate has been suspended/cancelled cannot display any reference to the certification or IIDC Halal-Logo. This ban also applies to any other communication and Marketing materials (see 5.1.1. Rules of Reference to Certification). 
  • IIDC shall take actions specified by the certification scheme and shall make the necessary modifications to formal certification documents, public information, authorizations for use of IIDC Halal Logo, … etc. in order to ensure it provides no indication that the product/service continues to be certified. IIDC shall also take any other measures it deems appropriate.