Rules of reference to certification

1. Object of the document
This document defines the rules which IIDC are required to follow, in order to be authorised to use the IIDC Halal-Logo or to make reference to the certificate issued by IIDC.

2. Scope
This instruction is valid in the area of contract management / IIDC.

3. Responsibility

4. Applicable Documents
Document 5.1.2. Procedure of using EIAC Halal symbol.

5. Description

IIDC, as certification body, exercises control over:

  • Use and display of its certification documentat and IIDC Halal-logo,
  • Any other means used to indicate that a product/service is certified by IIDC,
  • The misuse of IIDC Halal-Logo
    The rules defines the guidelines to be respected by any customer aiming to make reference to a Halal certification issued by IIDC or aiming to use the IIDC Halal-logo. These rules apply to the use of:
  • The IIDC Halal-Logo, in accordance with the graphic requirements.
  • Any textual reference to the certification by IIDC.
  • Any textual reference to the related certification schemes, to the accreditations of IIDC or to an accreditation body related to IIDC.
  • Any official certification documentation (certificates, attestations,…) provided by IIDC.

IIDC Halal certification Logos ( green colour, black&white, transparent):

IIDC Halal-Logo is available in digital format on request from IIDC. The components of the Halal-Logo are fixed and may not be modified and the shape of the Halal-Logo may not be changed. The minimum size of IIDC Halal-Logo is 15 mm when used.

The reproduction of the IIDC Halal-Logo shall always meet the folowing requirements:

  • It must be reproduced from the digital master file only.
  • Its proportions must be respected and it must be surrounded by empty space that is equal to one third of its length.
  • The minimum size must be respected.
  • It must remain readable.
  • It shall not be displayed bigger than the Logo of the certified entity
  • It shall not be displayed on promotional items and administrative documents issued by other companies than IIDC (i.e. business card, pen, invoice, car, etc.).

The use of IIDC Halal-Logo or references to IIDC or to the certification according to the defined scheme can only be used by customers who have a valid contract with IIDC and in association with products or services really certified by IIDC. This association should also be covered by a valid certification document issued by IIDC. The Customer may not, under any circumstances, transfer the right to use the IIDC Halal- Logo to other parties. In any case, the IIDC Halal-Logo or references to IIDC or to the certification according to the defined scheme may not be associated with products, organizations or operations that are not certified by IIDC or may not be displayed in a misleading way.

At the end of validity of the Halal certification, upon suspension, withdrawal, or termination of certification, the customer that has Halal certification from IIDC shall immediately: 

  • Discontinue its use of all advertising matter that contain any reference to the IIDC Halal-Logo or to IIDC or to the certification (including websites) and take any required action. 
  • Take all necessary measures to ensure that his customers do not refer to the IIDC Halal-Logo or to IIDC or to the certification after the end of validity of the certification.
  • In addition, all promotional materials must be changed if the scope of the certificate has been reduced.

The use of IIDC Halal-Logo or the reference to IIDC or to the certification on packaging or labeling materials must follow the conditions in this document . The customer is responsible for the design and for the use of labels, for their conformity check and for the control of their use by external companies (graphic designer, websites, etc.).

If Halal certification refers to only a part of the company’s facility, products, services, or processes, use of the IIDC Halal-Logo must make it clear that certification does not refer to the whole organisation. In particular, if some of the organisation’s operational units/production lines, mentioned in the document to which the IIDC Halal-Logo will be affixed, are not undergoing certification, it will be necessary to put below the logo the certificate number and the list of products or services covered by IIDC certificat.

The use of IIDC Halal-Logo, the reference to IIDC and/or to the certification may not be used in such a manner as to bring IIDC into disrepute, and no statement shall be made regarding the product certification that IIDC may consider misleading, unauthorized or likely to result in an error.

In case of meat and meat products, the use of the halal logo of IIDC is mandatory and shall be affixed on the meat and meat products, in such a way that it cannot be counterfeited and the ink shall be stable with a food degree. Each cooled or frozen slaughtered animal or end packets of meats of special pieces shall stamped with the IIDC Halal Logo.

The customer is responsible for the correct use of the certification documents (certificates). If the customer provides copies of the certification documents to others (for integration in a website or into advertising or promotional materials such as brochure, leaflet, booth), the documents must be reproduced in their entirety, provided that the reproduction is done in a suitable way with respect to the original. If the customer is not certified anymore (end of validity of the certificate: termination, reduction, suspension or withdrawal of certification), any use of the certification document, its copies or reproductions in documents, will have to stop without any delay. And the customer must discontinues the use of all advertising matter that contains any reference to IIDC cetification. Upon termination, reduction, suspension or withdrawal of certification, customer must return the original certification document to IIDC.

The customer keeps a record of all complaints made known to it relating to complience with certification requirements and make this records available to IIDC, and take apprpriate action with recpeckt to such complains and any deficiencies found in products that affect complience with the requirement for certification.

The customer must inform IIDC, without delay, of changes that may affect ist ability to conform with the certification requirements, for example the modifications to the product or the production methods, the contact information, changes to the quality management system, …… etc. (see 5.3 customer responsibilities in the Terms and Conditions for Halal Certification).

The customer shall complies with any requirements that may be prescribed in the certification scheme relating to the use of IIDC Halal-Logo, and on information related to the product. The incorrect references to the certification scheme, or misleading use of IIDC Halal-Logo or Certificat or any other mechanism for indicating a product/service is certified, found in Documantation or other publicity, shall be dealt with suitable action.

In case of non complience, IIDC will apply any necessary suitable action provided for in its procedures, that can includ corrective actions, continuing the Halal certification under conditions, limiting the area of application of the Halal certification, suspension the Halal certification, cancelation the Halal certification, Publication of the transgression, and, if necessary, legal action in case of non-compliance with these rules. (see point 9.6 in Halal certification Manual and Procedures)

Consequences of abuse (See Point No. 5.4 in the Terms and Conditions for Halal Certification).