• Halal certificate
  • Follow-up support
  • New product integration
  • Market advisory
  • Market information
  • Product research 
  • Trade fair support
  • Certification to national and international standards such as U.A.E/GCC. 2055 Standards, MS 1500:2009 (Malaysian Standard), ONR 142000, etc.
  • International acceptance or accreditation in all key customer countries

State of the art processes
and technologies

IIDC certified halal foods are sampled and then tested in an independent, accredited laboratory using ultra-modern PCR-DNA analyses.

Areas of competence

The highest level of quality is achieved through networking and pooling the various skills in the plant inspection and certification process.

  • Definition and standardization of the Islamic-theological prerequisites for halal and haram and accurate portrayal in the production and/or service area
  • Analysis and adaptation of production and service procedures and production resources 
  • Assurance of the halal quality system and recording of the required data and documentation for this purpose

Competent IIDC staff members establish the halal criteria and confirm halal quality. The know-how of industrial production and quality management experts was used for establishing halal standards.