What are the benefits of
halal certification for your company?

islamic countries
1.6 Mrd.
Muslims worldwide
45 Mio.
Muslims in Europe
632 Mrd $
of halal-certified food exports in 2018

Of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, ca. 700,000 live in Austria, 5 million in Germany, and ca. 45 million in Europe. For industry (food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, etc.) and its suppliers as well as for food marketers (restaurants, plant, school, and kindergarten cafeterias, catering companies, hotels, airlines, banks, etc.), this gives rise not only to the need but also to the business opportunity to market commodities and services that both conform to the religious laws of Muslims worldwide and fulfill the country-specific legal requirements.

The advantages
for your company

  • Assurance of halal compliance of raw or precursor materials in processing 
  • Development of new markets and customer segments
  • Trend market with great potential for growth